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How to change battery disconnect switches for your e-cigarette battery

The battery of your eCigarette can be the key to the vape experience and how you vape.This article will show you how to change your battery disconnect for your battery and how to replace it if you do not want to lose your battery.Before you do, make sure to read the following articles and be […]

Energizer battery: Can it be used to recharge batteries?

Batteries are very useful, but they can be over-used and they have a tendency to get hot.That’s why there’s a need for a way to recharge them.Researchers at the University of California San Diego and University of Washington have developed an eenergizing battery that can do just that.Their new battery has an internal temperature of […]

How to keep your lithium battery supply going for years without a problem

A battery can last a lifetime if it’s kept in good condition, and that’s not always the case with lithium batteries.As with any type of battery, lithium batteries can be subject to a few different types of damage, and the battery manufacturer’s recommendations vary.One way to ensure the battery remains usable and safe is to […]

How to replace your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6S Plus battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Plus Battery article How To Replace Your Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 Battery article The battery that powers your iPhone has an internal clock that’s kept on automatically.The iPhone has a small battery that’s constantly being charged.The battery on your phone can only last for so long.That means […]

Why you shouldn’t pay to buy a cigarette

A simple solution to avoid a pack of cigarettes will save you money, according to a new study.But, experts warn it could put you at risk of choking on a pack if you are not careful.Dr. Andrew L. Filippetti, a professor of preventive medicine at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, and his colleagues […]

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