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Why Trump’s ‘Fake News’ is so dangerous

The Daily Beast is reporting that President Donald Trump is “using his power of the presidency to try to intimidate and silence journalists who don’t toe his political line.”The report, which cites several unnamed sources, comes as the Trump administration is trying to take aim at news organizations for publishing stories that criticize the president.The […]

How to read the battery sales charts

The first quarter of the year marks the start of a long and difficult time for Apple.In an attempt to increase the company’s revenue, Apple sold more smartphones in the first quarter than in any other quarter in the company\’s history.The iPhone 6s, which is the companys most successful smartphone, is currently selling for $649.99.However, […]

A Russian hacker stole personal data of more than 200 million Americans and then posted it online – Bloomberg

Bloomberg Businessweek published a story on Thursday titled “Russian Hacker Stole Personal Data of More Than 200 Million Americans, Then Posted It Online – Bloomberg.”The article quotes former US intelligence official, Michael Morell, who has been advising President Donald Trump, who tweeted on Thursday, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the […]

The Best Battery Charger for your Smartphone and Tablet

When you buy a smartphone, you pay for a battery.You pay for the battery, and then you pay again for the phone.But when you buy an iPad, you’ll pay for that battery as well.When you add an iPad to your device, you’re paying for that tablet as well, but in a different way.The best battery […]

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