Month: August 2021

How to get a Dewalt 60V battery charger from Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and Home Depot

Walmart, Best Deal, Amazon and Home Depots all have a Dewacal 60v charger that can be purchased for $49.99.This is a good deal, as you can get it for only $4.99!There are also many more retailers offering it for a reasonable price, but these are our favorites.If you can find a Walmart or Best Buy […]

Why you shouldn’t pay to buy a cigarette

A simple solution to avoid a pack of cigarettes will save you money, according to a new study.But, experts warn it could put you at risk of choking on a pack if you are not careful.Dr. Andrew L. Filippetti, a professor of preventive medicine at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, and his colleagues […]

How to power a cr2 powered battery pack

Cr2 batteries, which use lithium-ion batteries as a charge source, are a trend that’s been around for some time, but the technology hasn’t really been used in a production-ready fashion for some reason.That’s why the folks at Panasonic recently put together a little demonstration of cr2 batteries in a smartphone case.Panasonic is offering the phones […]

A look at the top tech companies in 2017

The top tech firms in 2017 have been making strides toward a future where they’re no longer dependent on governments for funding.For instance, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and Microsoft have been partnering with governments for years, and that trend continues to accelerate.In addition, these companies have started to use blockchain technology to better […]

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