A look at the top tech companies in 2017

The top tech firms in 2017 have been making strides toward a future where they’re no longer dependent on governments for funding.

For instance, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and Microsoft have been partnering with governments for years, and that trend continues to accelerate.

In addition, these companies have started to use blockchain technology to better manage their business operations.

But what happens when governments stop funding these companies?

Some have already started to plan for that.

In December 2017, Facebook said it was working on “a new set of business models that would support an economy where the most important things are shared by all, rather than shared by some,” according to a Bloomberg article.

The company has already announced plans to use the Ethereum blockchain to create a platform for sharing information and services among users, which could provide the foundation for future social networks.

The platform is being created to support a shared economy and allow for a decentralized, trustless, and resilient social network.

Facebook also announced that it is looking to work with governments to develop a decentralized infrastructure for autonomous vehicles.

In March 2018, Microsoft announced that its Blockchain Technology Lab would “be working with government and academic institutions around the world to explore blockchain solutions to address the challenges of digital transformation and governance.”

The lab will focus on “disruptive innovations to transform digital governance and technology systems,” according its website.

In 2018, Facebook announced a partnership with the University of Oxford to develop “a blockchain-based open source platform for digital governance.”

Facebook says the partnership is aimed at developing a “system to enable better, faster, and more transparent public data sharing.”

The university says that it will “be providing free software for the open-source platform and using its tools and data to facilitate data governance, transparency, and collaboration across all sectors of society.”

It also plans to make a “digital governance toolkit” for schools.

In 2017, Amazon introduced a blockchain platform called Consensys to enable “a more sustainable, global economy.”

Consensy aims to be “a platform for the global economy, with an end to the exploitation of natural resources and the transfer of wealth and power in the name of private gain,” according the company.

Amazon says that the company will be working with the government of China to help develop the platform, which will allow it to “ensure a more open, transparent, and secure economy.”

Consensys will be used “to enable transparent, secure and trustworthy digital transactions, enabling people to earn, sell, and share value,” the company says.

The Washington Post reported that Amazon and Consensies plans were in talks for a new blockchain platform.

Amazon said in May 2018 that it had “serious discussions” with the Chinese government about using ConsensYS to enable a decentralized system for a national currency.

The country is already using Ethereum blockchain technology in order to run a massive cryptocurrency exchange.

Amazon also announced a blockchain-powered virtual grocery store called Whole Foods that will be set up in 2018.

It said that its plans will “create a virtual grocery-store where shoppers can shop, compare prices, order online and more without leaving their homes.”

The Washington Times reported that Whole Foods has also signed a “co-development agreement” with Microsoft.

In 2018, Amazon announced that Microsoft is working with Amazon to develop its own blockchain-backed platform for blockchain transactions.

The Washington Times said that Microsoft has also been in discussions with the United Arab Emirates about using blockchain technology.

In August 2018, the US government announced a $20 million investment in the Blockchain Alliance, a consortium of technology companies that is focused on “building a global network of blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses.”

The group is working on projects such as an “Internet of Things” that could allow IoT companies to build “smart cities” that would automatically monitor and control electrical activity in the home.

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