Ontario’s new motorcycle battery policy could hurt small business owners

Ontario’s motorcycle battery charge rate of 20,000 volts per hour could hurt the small business community, a new study says.

The Ontario Small Business Association says the policy, which went into effect Tuesday, is designed to reduce the number of people who could get injured in crashes.

The province is also asking for an increase in the price of motorcycles and motorcycles accessories, including the batteries.

A new study commissioned by the Small Business Ontario group said it’s not surprising that the policy has hurt small businesses.

The group, which has long advocated for better regulation for motorcycle battery chargers, says it found there are about 10,000 motorcycle batteries in Ontario and another 6,000 in British Columbia.

The policy is based on the concept of using a single charge, rather than two.

The battery is usually charged by a charger or motorbike.

It’s usually placed in the front passenger seat and the rider sits in the back seat.

A bike can have three batteries, said Richard Koehn, the president of the Small and Emerging Business Association of Ontario.

There’s a concern that people will be tempted to charge their bike at the charging station instead of at home or in their garage, he said.

“We know that this is a big problem in this province, especially for businesses, and it’s a very high rate of battery injuries, particularly for children.”

The group said the province should make it easier for businesses to use the new chargers.

It said they should charge their bikes at home, or in an employee parking lot.

The association also wants the province to increase the number to three, instead of two.

It says that could save the province money in the long run by reducing the number and frequency of motorcycle accidents.

“The cost of replacing a motorcycle with a fully charged battery is about $200,000 per bike and if you can reduce the rate to less than $50,000, you save a lot of money,” Koehm said.

The new policy came into effect on Tuesday and comes on the heels of a $1-million program to encourage more people to charge motorcycles in the city.

It has also drawn criticism from the city’s mayor and city council, who say the policy is unnecessary and a waste of resources.

The government said the policy was designed to help protect people from serious injury while they were riding their bikes.

“As a result of the implementation of the motorcycle battery charger policy, there has been an increase of approximately 10,500 charged battery incidents involving motorcycles and the cost to the province was approximately $4 million,” Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure wrote in a news release.

“This represents approximately 0.9 per cent of all battery chargings.”

The ministry said the number is higher than the average for all bike-charging incidents in Ontario.

The provincial government says there have been more than 9,500 motorcycle-charging accidents since the policy went into force, compared to an average of 1,400.

In the past year, the province said it has paid out more than $1.3 million in claims for the injuries.

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