Why Trump’s ‘Fake News’ is so dangerous

The Daily Beast is reporting that President Donald Trump is “using his power of the presidency to try to intimidate and silence journalists who don’t toe his political line.”

The report, which cites several unnamed sources, comes as the Trump administration is trying to take aim at news organizations for publishing stories that criticize the president.

The White House, which has taken a hands-off approach to media criticism, has reportedly been working on a plan to sue news organizations that publish stories that contradict the president’s narrative.

According to the report, the Trump Administration is seeking to intimidate, threaten, and silence the news media in order to “protect its agenda” and to “further its agenda.”

The Trump administration, according to the sources cited in the report is trying “to silence the media for reporting that undermines its narrative.”

The President, in particular, is seeking “to intimidate and threaten” journalists who report stories that are critical of him.

The president is also trying to “sensitize” journalists to his message of fear, according the report.

“Trump and his allies are using the ‘fake news’ label to discredit journalists who have the courage to challenge his narrative,” the report states.

“They are also trying, using the same tactics of silencing and threatening, to intimidate the news community for reporting on the stories that counter his narrative.

In fact, the threat to silence the press and the media is one of the most insidious and destructive forms of the president-elect’s ‘fake’ news agenda.”

Trump, according for example, has claimed that journalists are “the enemy of the American people,” and has attacked the news organizations reporting on his administration.

The report states that the President has also threatened to revoke access to federal agencies that release information related to the ongoing investigation into his campaign.

“This includes releasing the names of sources that are not under his direct control and may not be under his control,” the article reads.

“Such disclosures could be critical to understanding how the president was able to obtain access to sensitive intelligence.”

The president has also sought to intimidate media outlets who have reported on the president and his administration’s ties to Russia.

According the report: The President has threatened to “shut down” CNN, BuzzFeed, and others that publish information critical of his administration and has threatened that he would not allow CNN and other outlets to “get a free pass.”

He also has repeatedly demanded that BuzzFeed stop reporting on matters related to Trump and his campaign, and has told other outlets that if they do not stop covering these matters he will “shut them down.”

The White, House has also demanded that CNN stop covering the president because they were using the network as a “platform” for Trump’s supporters to spew anti-Semitic, white supremacist, anti-LGBTQ, and other hateful messages.

Trump has also attempted to silence outlets that are challenging his agenda.

The President recently issued an order requiring the White House to “immediately investigate any news outlet that does not toe his agenda or any media outlet that is critical of the administration,” according to The New York Times.

The order also stated that any outlet that “disseminates a false or misleading news report” will be “taken to task by the Office of Special Counsel, the independent counsel, and the Department of Justice.”

CNN, which was the first news outlet to report on the Trump-Russia investigation, has faced threats and intimidation from the Trump White House.

In October, the network faced threats of violence and intimidation after publishing a story about the existence of recordings of a call between then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and a Russian lawyer.

Trump’s administration has also tried to pressure news outlets that cover Trump and the White house.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Office for Civil Rights of the Department, for example have issued letters threatening to sue the Associated Press for publishing the story that described the President’s calls with the Russian foreign minister.

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