What’s your battery’s best battery for 2017?

By 2018, you’ll likely be getting a battery that has a lot more power than your smartphone battery.

But you’ll be surprised how little power the batteries in your car, home or office will actually provide.

Here’s how to determine if your car’s battery can provide a good battery for the future.

The average US vehicle’s battery capacity is around 15 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and the average home battery pack can deliver about 1.5 kWh, or roughly 7.5 gallons.

But you won’t need that much power in your life.

And even if you do need a battery with a lot of power, you can find that out by using a range test.

This is the same kind of battery test that you’d use to determine how much power a specific product can provide, but it’s more useful in the automotive world.

Here’s how the range test works: you’ll find a battery in a variety of locations around the house.

In each location, you want to charge the battery to its max, so the battery can last until it’s empty.

You can find a range at home by first plugging the battery into the wall outlet.

Then, you use the phone to measure the distance between the wall and the wall socket.

That’s the distance you’ll use to tell you if your battery can deliver enough power to last the day.

Then you plug the battery back into the outlet.

If it can do that, then the battery is good.

If not, you need to recharge the battery with the phone charger you got.

The range is the distance that the battery delivers to the battery.

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