Why Apple won’t make your iPhone faster anymore

How Apple’s newest iPhone could actually be faster.

A new report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), a think tank focused on innovation and tech, has the potential to change the way consumers use their smartphones.

The report, titled “Apple’s iPhone Could be Faster, and So Would You,” reveals a number of key points.

First, Apple is not making any changes to its software to improve battery life.

Instead, it’s pushing out new hardware features, including the first iPhones to feature a high-speed camera and an OLED screen.

Second, the report says that Apple has developed an automated system to automatically optimize battery life in its apps, allowing for more efficient use of battery.

Third, Apple has made it easier to upgrade to the next-generation iPhone.

The last thing the report calls out is the fact that the iPhone 8, the company’s latest phone, will be faster than previous models.

That will allow it to run more apps and have a longer battery life than other phones.

According to the report, the iPhone is not the only iPhone out there that can run faster than the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 8 has a similar speed advantage, as well.

The biggest problem for Apple users, the ITIF said, is that the company has not released new software updates to improve performance.

That’s because Apple has focused on its software updates, which it says are “more of a performance enhancement than anything else.”

The report also says that the software updates could potentially affect performance.

The ITIF report is based on the work of researchers at Microsoft Research, which has worked on the technology behind Apple’s iPhone software since 2015.

Apple is still working on the next version of the iPhone, which is expected to be announced in early 2019.

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